Saturday, November 15, 2014

Salad Dressing

For years I always bought salad dressing. But, now that I have learned about the dangers of many modern oils (canola, corn, etc.) and other unhealthy additives used in store bought dressings, I make my own! Easy, healthy, delicious! Our dear cooking instructor, Monica Corrado from Simply Being Well, taught us this recipe. By the way, Monica has an amazing little cookbook that I think everyone should own!

What you need:
 A mason jar
 Vinegar or lemon juice
 Extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil
 Sea salt
 Honey (if desired)

What you do:
 Put a small forkful of mustard in mason jar
 Add the vinegar or lemon juice and olive oil (and honey if desired)
 Shake until well blended
 Add salt and pepper to taste
 Enjoy on your favorite salad!

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