Sunday, September 27, 2015

Whey & Yogurt Cheese

This is so simple, I wasn't sure it needed its own post. 

I use whey for fermenting veggies, condiments and salsa, for making beet kavass and for soaking almond flour.

And, I add a little raw honey to the yogurt cheese to make a delicious honey yogurt spread. Fabulous on banana bread!

What you need:
 1 quart organic plain yogurt
 Light dish towel

What you do:
 Place sieve over bowl
 Place dish towel in sieve
 Pour yogurt into the towel lined sieve 
 Lightly fold corners of dish towel over yogurt 
 Let sit for 12 hours or more
 Store the whey in a glass jar and the yogurt cheese in a glass storage containers
 (The liquid in the bowl is whey
 The solid in the sieve is the yogurt cheese)
 Both the whey and the yogurt cheese stay fresh in the refrigerator for several weeks

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