Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Burgers have been a weakness of mine for awhile. Maybe that has something to do with going without red meat for about twenty years of my life, and my body knew I was missing out on something delicious. Anyway, the burgers at restaurants always tasted better than those we grilled at home. That is, until...

Ali's Amazing Burgers

What you need:
 1 lb. 100% grass fed ground beef
 1 chopped onion
 1 egg
 2 tsp. ground garlic
 salt and pepper to taste
 *makes 3 or 4 burgers


What you do:
 Saute the chopped onion in ghee until soft
 Mix onion into ground beef
 Add egg, garlic, salt, pepper and mix well
 Form into three or four patties
 Grill, being careful to not overcook

On dinner plates, we place each burger over a bed of organic mixed greens and arugula and top with cheddar cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms and avocados. Add a large dollop of organic, fermented ketchup and enjoy!

Ingredients from Trader Joe's: 100% grass fed organic ground beef, organic onion, organic egg
Additional TJ items: organic spring mix, organic arugula, organic cheddar cheese, uncured bacon, organic mushrooms, organic avocados
Ingredients from iHerb: ghee, organic ground garlic, Real Salt or Celtic Sea Salt, organic pepper
Find iHerb products here (Use code RIG870 for $10 off your first order!)

Why choose 100% grass fed beef?
Grass-Fed Basics, by Jo Robinson
Health Benefits, from All Things Grass Fed
Pasture-Based Farming Enhances Animal Welfare, from Eat Wild


  1. Woohoo! Love it, Mama!! And, gosh, I love those burgers! Craving one right now :) Mmmm!!!

    1. Thanks for the inspiration, Sweetie! Love you oodles!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, precious Jess! Have you tried them yet? Yum!